Does anyone remember Club Libby Lu?

This place was like the best place ever when we were 9. Here is why:

  1.  Disney Soundtracks played all the time, especially High School Musical and Hannah Montana.
  2. The horrible hair! I mean seriously the hair do’s were so horrible! It look liked we stepped out a bad 90’s music video.
  3. We got to wear slutty clothes and our parents thought it was cute. I mean did anyone see the Popstar outfits? It was a crop top in most places ( i think some people complained and got it turned into a pink tshirt instead) but the head mic was so cool! 
  4. The nails! I loved the nails. I always got mine silver glitter.But that stuff was a nightmare for my mom to take off.
  5. They probably went out of business because of the amount of bobby pins they used. I always came home with 80 in my head and it took forever to get them all out.
  6. Potion’s! (glittery perfumes or mixing your own lotion that smelled so nasty.) I still have mine btw ;)
  7. The nicest workers.
  8. The embarrassing photos you now have from it.
  9. The dance they made you do. I mean made you. Like they wouldn’t let you leave until you done it with the group.
  10. It got Conservatives and Feminist united in hatred for it. 
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    Hello childhood. (What I wouldn’t give for a bath soap potion right now pls and thank you)
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    I had my 12th birthday party there! Ahhh the memories
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    I only got to go there one time :{
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